Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still Walking

The most common question I have had this year is "Are you still walking Grand Rapids?", both solicited and unsolicited.

The answer is yes.

Yes, I have neglected to blog as often as I should.
Yes, I am behind in my pace, but still well within reach of my 100 mile goal for 2010.
Yes, I should finish this year's walk before snow flies.
Yes, in 2011 I will have only 400 more miles to go.
Yes, I really have finished the vast majority of the Northwest side of Grand Rapids.
Yes, I will post some maps soon.
No, there is still not a cure for MS.

Please consider a donation. I realize times are tight, so if you can not donate pass on this site to someone else. If everyone on my list, or their friends, donated $5 today, I would meet my goal and there would be one last email for the year. If not, please check out the information sites to the left and learn about MS and how it affects more people in Michigan than any other state.

I spent a lot of time researching the MS Society and they are a responsible organization. A large percentage of the money donated gets to the people with MS that need it. Check them out at the charity watch sites on the web.

The Donation Site listed on the menu on the right is secure and will credit my fund-raising efforts.

Check out the two earlier posts for this year's Long Walk and thanks for reading!

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