Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Unshaved head

Since there were not enough donations, and since I needed to set a good example for Frankie, who needed a haircut for school, I received my first haircut in 10 years (not counting shaved heads).
I told the hairdresser, a real good sport, to be creative. She really didn't care for the lack of direction, but I told her it couldn't be goofier than it was now, or goofier than a shaved head. After some deep thought, she decided on a Faux-Hawk. See the before and after pictures below.

Thanks to everyone that donated! The total so far is $620, though there appear to be some missing donations, so I will report back if the total changes.

(I think the new haircut really brings out my Polish nose...)

Friday, August 22, 2008

All the pledges in...?

The total so far is...


I am going to wait for news from Steve on the final amount, since I know that there are a few online donations made in the past couple of days and Steve has the week off. It does not look like we made the goal of $1000, though it is possible.

Cody and Friends Dog Walk and Wash

The above picture is a special visual thanks from everyone that donated to Frankie's fundraiser for Gilda's Club, complete with Frankie, my lovely wife, clean and tired dogs and two great friends that rode in our wagon. That little black and white dog, Candy, made it a full mile, while the brown dog, Emily, made it 3/4 of a mile at the ripe old age of 16! And she still had energy to fight the nail clipper! There is always time to make a donation!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last week closing fast!

The last day for this year's drive is 22 August. Steve has to have the money mailed in by Wednesday, 20 August. Website donations will be up until 22 August. It is always possible to make a donation past this point, it will just not count toward this year's drive. Remember: $1,000 by 22 August, or the head will not be shaved!

Donations have been slow this year (less than $200 so far). For everyone that has been waiting to make a donation, now is the time!

Please take some time to find out a little about MS.

Cody and Friends Dog Walk and Wash

Thanks to everyone that pledged money to Frankie for Cody and Friends Dog Walk and Wash. He raised $180 total. Our dogs, Candy and Emily were not as tired out as last year. Emily (16 years old) made it about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before giving up. They still had some energy left to fight the dog washers! I will post a picture soon and you can see why 1 mile is a long walk for these dogs.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Just a few short weeks...

Yes, my hair is sufficiently long (and goofy looking) enough to start another Shave this Head campaign for the MS Society. Many things have moved the date to this late August.

Since Steve wraps up his campaign for the MS ride in August, we need to wrap up soon. So, here is the deal: all pledges and submissions must be in by 18 August 2008. My goal this year is $1,000. No more free shaves this year, so get your pledges in early!

I know that I have yet to make $1,000 in pledges and money is tight with the price of gas and corn so high. The difference is that I am working with a great new team of people. It is much larger than the team I used to work with, and I fully expect to play both teams off each other to increase donations. 8^)

Please make your donations payable to the MS Society. Since checks take a long time to process, I recommend using Steve's secure donation site. Just let me know that you made a donation, so I can count it toward my goal. I will be happy to split donations with Steve, since it all ends up at the MS Society.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you made a donation and do not have my email or snail mail address.

Frankie is also taking donations...

for Gilda's Club Grand Rapids' Cody and Friends Dog Walk and Wash. Cody is a great kid that started this event and now it is a big fund raiser for Gilda's Club. Gilda's Club was a God-send for our family after Kelaine's diagnosis. Sign up at my desk or, better yet, donate online at Gilda's Club Website before 9 August 2008. Just choose Cody and Friends Dog Walk and Wash in the selector on the right hand side and leave a note saying it is for Kelaine and Frankie. Bring your dog for the walk and get them washed and pampered too!


Friday, July 11, 2008

"Are you growing your hair out?"

The most asked question for the months of May - July has been, "Are you growing your hair out?". The answer is yes, but only so I can shave it again. No dates or news right now - just be ready for a quick campaign this year.

I have only updated the links to the right and will have more news soon.