Sunday, November 15, 2009

100% miles / 57% funds

This is my last official appeal for this year. For everyone that has been waiting to donate until they see if I am serious, this is it. I have completed well over 100 miles today with a final walk of around three miles. I would like to thank everyone that donated, everyone that walked with me and everyone that told someone else about the MS Society.

As of this point I am 57% of the way to the goal set of $750. I understand that funds are tight, in spite of the "economic turnaround", but this is less than half of what I have raised in previous years. So, here is my offer:

If everyone on my email list that has not yet donated were to donate $5, I would be well above my stated goal. Please consider using the donate link (it still works) on the right and donating $5 to a cause that will help people right here in the Grand Rapids area and fund important research to fight MS. I can not offer much more than a few words on my blog, so if anyone has a burning question about the walk, I will post the answer for a mere $5 donation. Let me know if I should post your name or just leave a comment here on my blog.

If funds are just too tight, consider finding out about MS and the MS Society and tell someone else about it.

Thanks for your consideration. Plans are in the works for next year's walk, covering at least another 100 miles!