Thursday, October 31, 2013

Generic Donation Site

The MS Society has closed my individual donation site. Thanks to everyone that made contributions to the walk!

If you would still like to make a donation, I am updating the Donate link to point to the MS Society's main donation page. I will not see the donation applied to my personal page, but as long as the MS Society benefits, it works out for me. I would appreciate knowing that you donated and, if you are comfortable, how much. Just leave a comment on this page. I moderate all comments left here, so it will not be public unless you specifically ask me to publish the comment.

The walk is nearing completion. I hope to finish this year's last few miles before the snow flies (and accumulates). I will post the details when I hit 500 miles.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Worth It

The year is coming to a close, with the donation site closing on 31 October and the final  miles toward 500 for this year. So, if donating has been on the back burner now is the time.

I have always found walking the streets of Grand Rapids very enjoyable. Sometimes it is difficult to get started and out on the street. I sometimes wonder if it is worth it, if the walk and the donations are helping. Life gets busy in the summer and I sometimes have to take a break from the walking schedule. Honestly, the past couple of weeks have been slow for walking.

This past week a colleague at work stopped by my desk to let me know that a friend that has MS was going through a new therapy involving her own adult stem cells. She said there is promise in the therapy and the research and she wanted to take the opportunity to let me know and to thank me and the other employees that participate in Bike MS fundraisers (they actually ride bikes in the event! 8^). Know that the work the MS Society really does help and your donation is changing lives. It is worth it.

Between walking in the evening and a marathon walk on Saturday, I have put in 10 miles in two days. I am within striking distance of mile 500 to close out the year. Next year I hope to complete the final streets of Grand Rapids. Please consider helping with the final $150 toward my goal of $500 this year. If donating is not in the cards (and even if it is) please consider sending this link on to friends and family.

Later this year I will post the latest maps and details of the walk. To see the first 400 miles check out the link to the right and click on the details tab.

Thanks for your support!