Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Donation Site available again

The Donation site is available again in a link on the right. This is a secure site that contributes directly to the MS Society. This is the easiest and safest way for you and me to collect money for the drive. You can donate safely and securely online and have your money start working right away for the MS Society and I won't have to handle the money. (Those who know me best know how forgetful I can be!) I will receive a message for every donation, so I can thank you for your support. The site will tally the total so you can follow along with the drive.

Checks and cash are difficult to handle (I have to write a separate check for cash to send it in) and I have discovered in the past that it takes quite some time for the MS Society to process checks. So please (I'm begging now...) take advantage of the donation site.

For those who do not know me, the site is also available directly from the MS Society's web page (Search for Team AOSE, who has generously let me join, even though I do not ride.) and look for my goofy picture in the team sites. Or donate directly to the MS Society and skip my site. The whole point is to raise money for them!

Thanks again for your support!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I would walk 500 Miles...

After procrastinating last fall to finish walking the first 100 miles of Grand Rapids streets, you would think I would learn a lesson and begin early this year to take advantage of the cooler weather.


I started walking again last night. I am about 5-10 miles behind my pace right now, with hopes to catch up this month. The donation site is not yet available, due to technical difficulties. It will be up soon. I have decided to rename this odyssey "The Long Walk in Grand Rapids for the MS Society". Let me know what you think. This year's theme is "I would walk 500 miles" since I have about 500 miles of GR streets left.

Some lessons learned:

I can't take seven months off and expect to walk as far as I was seven months ago.
Grand Rapids is safe and beautiful.
There are no more streets to walk near my house.
It's hard to track miles in new developments, since they are not yet on the map.
A long-time friend shares favorite flowers.

Some thoughts for this year:

Blog more (really, I mean it).
Raise more money for the MS Society.
Publicity (I know I can, and will, walk every street possible in Grand Rapids. It is time to let people know.)

You are the first step. Please tell your friends about the site and post links to this blog and comment on the contents.

Watch for fun stuff coming to this blog.

Thanks for your continued support!