Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As I have mentioned before, the MS Society is a worthy charitable organization, helping people that need it. Most of the money donated ends up with the people that need it most. If you can not donate, tell others about this website and visit the MS Society web page to learn more about this disease.

So, if that is not reason enough to donate, how about this: my next walk will be across Ann Street Bridge and into Northeast Grand Rapids. What is significant about that? I have walked every street North and West of the Grand River.

Some highlights were:

  • Stumbling on to OctoberFest after completing a long walk and having a beer and a brat with a friend.
  • Seeing a chihuahua defend its house from the crown of the roof.
  • Walking with friends and 
    • talking about ice cream trucks and software quality
    • reunioning
    • brothers
  • Hearing all the reasons for donating
  • The hilarious donation messages I received (I still owe someone a "strut")
Even though there were some "interesting" times as well, like getting chased or scared by dogs and seeing someone get hit by a car (they were all right), I can safely say every walk has been a pleasure, without exception.

Now to the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. Only 400+ miles to go!

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Steve said...

Congratulations Dan! That's a lot of walking. Who knows what interesting sights await you. Way to support my favorite charity!