Friday, July 27, 2007

On the night of the Shave, both of our cameras were out of commission. Luckily, Larry stepped in to snap these pictures. All of them are from before I broke out the razor. I have one more post-Bic picture to post and a special mohawk picture for those of you who remember my punk days.

There's one bag of chips left. There was $27.50 worth of chips, but there was $48.80 in the till. Thanks so much to everyone for the contributions.

We are so close to being over the top! Remember to put in your pledge at Steve's site.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Over the Top?

Thanks to everyone for all their help and donations. Thanks also for spreading the word - that has been the biggest help of all. The head has been shaved now and is growing back fast. I even shaved three days after the event to keep the bald dome longer.

Many have asked how the fund-raising is going this year and I have said, "It looks like the biggest year yet!". I continue to say that, though we are just a few dollars shy. So if there is a pledge waiting on payment (three right now) or you have been waiting to put the fund-raising over the top, now is the chance. I will post the pictures of the shave when we go over the top.

There are still Chips left for everyone here at work. This has gone way beyond my expectations ($40 and climbing and there are still half a box of chips left!) They are in the Cafe just across from the Blue Room, so dig in (and take some chips! I'm not complaining about the extra cash, just have some chips as well!)