Thursday, December 05, 2013

500 miles: the video

OK, so there is a reason that I have not posted videos in the past, and the following video is evidence of that. I tried a sample that turned out pretty good, but this was just a disaster. It actually came out upside down and I had to edit it to flip it for viewing. The fact that it is an extreme close-up selfie is not fixable. Someone asked why I didn't just record it again...

Well, it is because this video is a live record of me walking my 500th mile in the Long Walk in Grand Rapids - I can't do it again.

So, for what it is worth enjoy. Maybe if I autotune it, it will be better to watch. Also, note the special date of this walk. It's at the end, so you have to watch the whole thing....

I will also update the first 500 miles log and the maps soon.

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