Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's not too late....

It has been very busy since I last posted. I am actually in a lunch meeting now - multitasking. The big news is tonight is the night for the shave!

Today is not the last day for donations though! I will continue to accept donations. If there is a pledge amount you have in mind, please let me know. There are still other opportunities to contribute. The snacks at the office have been very successful so far. I may put a few out in the cafe as well. After the Shave, I will post information about donating for ad space on my head (yes, ad space on my head). Also, I am coming up with a scheme for a chance at a cheesecake, pending a run in the "test kitchen".

Lastly, thanks to everyone who contributed in any way, told their friends, bought chips or had positive thoughts about this endeavor. All the details are not in yet, but it looks like contributions are greater than last year and may exceed the first year.

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