Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Donation Deadline

Most of the people on my email list have already heard about Shave This Head Again. For those that have not, I am shaving my head for the second year in a row to raise money for the M.S. Society. The deadline is approaching fast and I have only two weeks left before the shave takes place. All donations should be made before 18 August 2006. Please make all checks out to the M.S. Society (so you can claim it on your taxes) or make an online donation at the M.S. Society secure site for Steve Stetler. Steve is a friend of mine who rides 150 miles every year to raise money for the M.S. Society. Send me an email and let me know if you pledge online or leave a comment on the blog. Please include the word Shave in the email subject line so our spam filter does not throw it out.

This year's monetary goal is $1,000. This year's ultimate goal is to get everyone to visit the M.S. Society's website and learn something about M.S.. Donations have come in very slowly this year. I have had a lot of people indicate that they would like to donate, but have not yet. Check your checkbook and make sure you really did donate! I know that unemployment is high in Michigan, raises are low and gas prices are high. If you can't donate this year, please learn something about this disease and other ways you can help. If you can donate, even a dollar or two, that is great. Still visit the website.

Thank you for your support this year and last!

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