Friday, June 09, 2006

A little bit goes a long way

The first few donations are starting to trickle in...

I have had a few people ask what they should donate. That's really up to you. I figure I have talked to at least 100 people, so if each person donated $10, I would be well on the way to achieving the $1,000 goal. $16 would be a good symbolic gift for the 16,000 suffering from MS in Michigan, and it would cover the people who just can not afford a donation this year (tell your friends, pass it on, learn about MS...)

Of course, I am not discouraging the larger donations either. Maybe the largest donor wants the privilege of shaving my head himself (going once...). I would be willing to sell ad space as well for a short time ("Insert brain here"). Let me know what I can do to separate you from your money for an excellent cause.

According to the Charity Navigator website, the Michigan chapter of the National MS Society has a fundraising efficiency of $0.08 for every dollar raised and they keep administrative expenses very low. As I read it, $0.92 of each dollar goes to help those in need. Know that this money will be well spent!

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